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  • Guided Tours

    We organise daily tours to the exhibition venues for the public with our guides Hilde Berteig and Ksenia Aksenova. Tours in Norwegian, English and Russian.

  • eeefff –

    Art group eeefff has developed a web application that allows transactions by trading future goals and dreams. This is a decentralized, speculative financial stock exchange that is based on a blockchain-technology called ethereum. It is created to play with futures – investing into the events that have not yet occurred.

  • New Mineral Collective – Point Cloud Therapy

    New Mineral Collective (NMC) is a platform that explores the contemporary landscape and tries to understand the extent of human interaction with the earth’s surface. NMC infiltrates the existing global economic systems with acts of counter prospecting. These acts are realized through performances, films, and sculptures.

  • Marius Moldvær – Trace me where I’m not at home

    In Marius Moldvær’s project, the people of the Barents Region are the focus. Moldvær has placed woven, raw leather artworks in Kirkenes,
    Grense Jakobselv, Neiden, Nikel, Murmansk and Teriberka with each locations climate and environment affecting the artworks with constant change and development over time. The process creates a vivid recollection of the place – a reflection of how geography, climate, weather, settlement and industry shape the people who live there. Moldvær has also collected materials such as soil, roots and textiles that, together with the weaves, create a composite image of people of the north.

  • Seabound

    Seabound is a project that examines the maritime industrial practices that shape the Barents Region — resource extraction, fishing, shipbuilding, dock-work and cargo shipping — building upon Nature, Labour, Land: A Spatial Archive for Kirkenes, the research project the artists developed for the 2016 Oslo Architecture Triennale.

  • Kaos Spektakel

    The youth in Sør-Varanger can look forward to this year’s Kaos Spektakel. Ahead of the traditional event in Barentshallen, a Norwegian-Russian youth workshop will be arranged at Basen; hip-hop break-dance with a well-known dance and music group, Gust Life from Murmansk. Chaos Spektakel also consists of a cross-border youth council meeting with Finnish and Russian friends.

  • Barents Bazaar

    Russian crystal and fur hats, Sami duodji and reindeer meat – plus much more! In 2015 Mobile Kultur Byrå improved the market facilities – introducing 14 unique tents with rear panels designed by artists that are now used by the Russian Market ladies.

  • The Dreamcatcher

    What dreams do we have at night? Are they different from our daydreams? What do our dreams mean? Does everyone dream? These are just a few questions that are brought up throughout the workshops held by the artists Vibeke Emilie Steinsholm and Dorte Holbek. Through drawing, cutting and pasting, text, light and shadows kids will try to visualize their dreams together with the artists. The dreams will then be arranged into a larger installation as part of the ongoing Dream Catcher project, which includes several workshops by the artists and kids from all over Norway. Among them are the 1st and 2nd grade school kids from the Sandnes School and from the Oscarsgata refugee home in Vadsø.

  • Mørkemodig

    MØRKEMODIG is a magical, adventurous and poetic performance about all the beauty that exists only when it is dark. With headphones on your ears, you are guided through a journey of discovery inside a strange forest. A path that suddenly splits, a luminous tent, the sound of animals – MØRKEMODIG invites exploration, participation and interactive meetings with the characters.

  • Flying Bar Sever7 – Night Shift

    Flying Bar Sever7 is an artistic project at the now abandoned Seamen´s club. The club once served as a meeting place for tired Russian seaman but now is the meeting place of festival guests drawn into the abyss of constant artistic arrangements.