Transborder Cafe: The Northern Assembly

Amund S. Sveen opens up a new democratic arena for the North: Politics, opera, vodka, voting and a brand new Barents Anthem!

– The Northern Assembly – by contrast to the Southern Assemblies of all the Barents nations – is a parliament of the North.

– The Northern Assembly is a mix of a public meeting, gala performance and political Powerpoint presentation.

– The Northern Assembly seeks to bring into play questions about oil, art and power in a local context.

– The Northern Assembly seeks to shift power.

– The Northern Assembly attempts to spur a discussion, to put a question mark at the current political and economic truths. The Northern Assembly opens possibilities to redefine on who should decide what, who should govern and who should obey, what is to be public and what is to be private. The Northern Assembly attempts to drive a wedge into the perception of reality, both inside and outside the art space.

Artists: Amund Sjølie Sveen with Liv Hanne Haugen and Erik Stifjell

in cooperation with: Crescendo choir, Kirkenes hornmusikk, soprano Darina Iudina, piano-player Petr Aidu.

Friday 10/02/17

19:00 - 21:00
100 NOK

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