Barents Spektakel Meeting Place with Sever 7 Bar

The old wooden Sjømannsklubb on the Kirkenes industrial quay will be brought to life by Saint Petersburg artist collective Sever 7 (North 7) during the Barents Spektakel 2017!

Set amongst the trawlers of the Barents Sea fishing fleet, the Sjømannsklubb was once a vibrant meeting place for Russian seaman returning from weeks or months on the Barents Sea.  The club now lays abandoned, cloaked in the history of sailors whiling away hours in cozy surroundings as Arctic winds thundered  down the Varanger fjord.

The artist collective Sever 7 don’t aim to mummify or simply decorate the memory of this place, rather they bring new life and creation to the space.  Suprematist modules, mermaid guides, artist produced drinks made from Norwegian and Russian herbs and berries along with multilingual performances, field recordings and conceptual programming transform the Sjømannsklubb for the arctic nights of the Barents Spektakel.

The club will be a meeting place during the festival and all are invited to come in, relax, and warm up during the bustling festival schedule.

More details and opening hours available closer to the festival dates.

See photos from Sever 7’s first visit to Kirkenes and their research with Pikene på Broen.

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