Clips from the Trial of the Century

The Trial of the Century clip is here!  Over three days, the people of Kirkenes decided on perhaps one of the most fateful decisions of our time: between economy and ecology, prosperity and environment.  See the clip below, see the results of the trial here and stay tuned for the full Barents Spektakel 2017 video coming soon.

Video by CONTENT, commissioned by Pikene på Broen.

Theme song from TRIAL OF THE CENTURY
by Traavik.Info for Barents Spektakel Festival 2017

Directed by Morten Traavik and
Animations by
Chart of global annual temperature cycle 1880 — present by NASA/Earth Observatory

Thank you: Pavel Plekhanov, Yevgenia Bektasova, Darryl Miller, Indra Rivai, Victor Frankowski, Simon Lane

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