Double Concert: Megaphonic Thrift+ (NO) // Glintshake (RU)

The Megaphonic Thrift+ (NO)

The Megaphonic+ Thrift from Bergen is one of Norway’s rising stars of the indie music scene, last year taking out the Spellemann prize for best indie album with their release ‘Sun Stare Sound’. Their critically acclaimed 2016 release ‘Få Meg Til Verden i Tide’ charts a new course for the band, moving away from guitar orientated roots to electronic productions and tracks with a poppy-synth signature.

‘One of the year’s finest Norwegian releases’

– Musikkmagasinet, Klassekampen

Richard Myklebust guitar, vocal; Linn Frøkedal bass, vocal; Fredrik Vogsborg drums, vocal; Njål L. Clemetsen guitar, vocal; Njål Paulsberg keys, div; Emil Nikolaisenguitar, keys.

Glintshake (RU)

Moscow’s Glintshake have recently gone back to their native language – even changing their onstage initials from “GSH” to “ГШ” in Russian. The point is to re-engage with the greater incisiveness, self-deprecation and creative freedom that comes from speaking your own language. Of late, the band has drawn upon academic music, the Russian avant-garde, Soviet new wave – and jazz. Taken as one, the concerts and video performances of ГШ become a single anthem to the paradoxical freedoms, spontaneity, and absurdity of Russian existence.

‘The most avant-garde Russian pop album of the year’

– Afisha Daily

Ekaterina Shilonosovavocal, guitar; Yevgeni Gorbunov guitar; Yegor Sargsyan bass guitar; Alexey Yevlanovdrums; Anna Geljuk percussion; Konstantin Sukhan trumpet; Grigory Parovichnikov sound engineer.

Friday 10/02/17

21:30 - 23:30
350 NOK

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