Flying Bar Sever7 – Day Shift

Flying Bar Sever7 is an artistic project at the now abandoned Seamen´s club.  The club once served as a meeting place for tired Russian seaman but now is the meeting place of festival guests drawn into the abyss of constant artistic arrangements.  Guided by a mermaid, visitors will be bewitched by conceptual performances accompanied by multi-language field recordings and ambient smoke; all which bring back the warmth of life to this nostalgic place amongst a seascape.


Alexander Tsikarishvili
Nestor Engelke
Petr Diakov
Anna Andrzhievskaia
Kirill Kanev / Evgeniy Elizarov aka 8foldjon
Nestor Kharchenko
Lizaveta Matveeva
Viktoria Maksakova

Thursday 09/02/17 Friday 10/02/17 Saturday 11/02/17

15:00 - 16:00
cash only

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