Opening Concert: Sound Landscapes

Without electronics, without a soundtrack and without amplification – only live sound – in strict accordance with the score.

In Europe and Russia, the industrial aesthetics enters the music scene in full swing in the early decades of the 20th century.  It is embodied in the theories and practices of noise music that are embraced by the Futurists who call for capturing the modern sounds of the metropolis; industry, cutting-edge technology and transportation are all included.
In the Soviet years, noise music became the standard-bearer for the proletarian future where heavy machinery was the epitome of a new social order and harmonious industrial future.  The 1920’s was a period in which noise orchestras, noise symphonies, and various “industrial music” projects were prospering, so much so that many of these experiments became part of sound and stage design of the avant-garde theatre.

In the first half of the 20th century in the USSR, namely in the Moscow Art Theatre, Vladimir Popov refined and developed over 200 acoustic devices for stage and film sound design. With the advent of recording technology, these experiments were forgotten and almost all Popov’s devices disappeared. Over the past five years, Peter Aidu and his Music Laboratory at the theatre “School of Dramatic Arts” have been reconstructing some of the mechanical noise machines and creating new ones.  The result is a mysterious symphony “Sound Landscapes” in four acts:

“Landscape № 1”


“Landscape № 2”

«Dies Irae»

The mysterious noise aggregates are not hidden from the public behind the scenes but create a mesmerizing visual installation and a sound drama from which the artists recreate soundscapes of wild forest, thunderstorm, ocean, city, factory, construction site and war and battle – all as sound metaphors for nature and human co-existence.

In 2016 the performance won the prestigious “Golden Mask” award.

(translated from text by Konstantin Dudakov-Khashuro)


Peter Aidu (composer)

Svetlana Anistratova, Mykola Babych, Evgenii Barkhatov, Olga Bondareva, Dmitry Chadov, Mariia Chirkova, Vasilii Deniushin, Roman Dolgushin, Konstantin Dudakov-Kashuro, Grigory Durnovo, Andrey Emelianov, Konstantin Isaev, Grigory Krotenko, Ekaterina Kuzminskaya, Igor Lesov, Anna Litkens, Dmitry Okhrimenko, Petr Ostapenko, Evgeny Polyakov, Vyacheslav Prikhodkin, Elizaveta Ravdel, Daria Rubleva, Alisa Ryzhova, Alexandra Savvicheva, Ekaterina Serebrinskaya, Dmitry Shchelkin, Dmitry Shishlyannikov, Anastasia Smirnitskaya, Mariia Viktorova, Dmitrii Vlasenko.

Trombonists from Kirkenes:

Kari Hodnefjell, Mari Kristine Kofoed Bye, Kristin Nystad, Haakon Slagtern, Britt Slagtern and others.


Pikene på Broen and the Theatre ”School of Dramatic Arts” (Moscow)

Wednesday 08/02/17

19:00 - 20:15
375 NOK

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