Opening Show for Barents Spektakel / Barents Days 2017

Photo courtesy of BANDALOOP.  Dancers: Amelia Rudolph, Mark Stuver, Kimm E. Ward.  Photo: Corey Rich

Welcoming by mayor of SVK Rune Rafaelsen, artistic director of Pikene på Broen Luba Kuzovnikova and former Prime Minister of Finland Paavo Lipponen.

Opening of the festival by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Børge Brende.

The Giant Crane Reactivated

Following the slogan of the festival, THE INDUSTRIAL BOOMERANG, we cast a spotlight
on the 1990’s symbol of new Kirkenes – the giant blue crane that graciously shapes the cityscape from the sea. The giant crane in the KIMEK harbour has become a symbol of industrial paradoxes. Shipped from Belgium in the 1990’s the crane was given a second life amongst the trawlers on the KIMEK waterfront. Initially part of the industrial diversification of the local economy after the first closure of the mine, the crane was destined to become a purely sculptural landmark on the Kirkenes skyline.

At the opening ceremony of Barents Spektakel 2017, the crane will be occupied and brought to new life by the dancers of BANDALOOP – pioneers in vertical performance from California. Prepare for an awe-inspiring performance as dancers suspend from the 50-meter crane in a dynamic choreographic exploration amidst the industrial docks below. Under the artistic direction of Amelia Rudolph, BANDALOOP seamlessly weaves dynamic physicality, intricate choreography, and the art of climbing to turn the dance floor on its side.

The perspective changing aerial dance with the crane in a natural industrial stage design
will be augmented by live sound landscapes by FROST – an electronic duo from Tromsø featuring Per Martinsen and Aggie Peterson whose voice is majestic and blends into arctic voids. The soundtrack will add an intricate industrial musical touch and aesthetic to a graceful, provocative and powerful show by BANDALOOP. The crane will never be the same again, just as our perception of movement and space and our perspectives on the

BANDALOOP: Amelia Rudolph – artistic director, Melecio Estrella – assistant artistic director/ dancer, Roel Seeber – dancer, Jessica Swanson – dancer, Rebecca Dean – dancer, Braden Mayfield – rigger, Derrick Lindsay – rigger, Thomas Cavanagh – executive director. – twitterfacebookinstagram

FROST: Aggie Peterson & Per – facebookAggie’s instagram – Per’s instagram

Frost by Carl Critical

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