Russian Band Glintshake Confirmed

The Barents Spektakel is excited to announce our first Russian music booking for next years festival. Glintshake (ГШ) from Moscow will perform on Friday the 10th of February as part of the evening program of concerts during the festival.

The contemporary Russian culture publication, Афиша Daily, recently reviewed Glintshake’s new 2016 album ОЭЩ МАГЗИУ (Oesch Magziu) calling it

the most avant-garde Russian pop album of the year

Moscow’s Glintshake have recently gone back to their native language – even changing their onstage initials from “GSH” to “ГШ” in Russian. The point of this new direction is to re-engage with the greater incisiveness, self-deprecation, and creative freedom that comes from speaking your own language. In the same manner, ГШ have decided to develop their melodies, lyrics, and appearance in overtly non-linear ways. Of late, the band has drawn upon academic music, the Russian avant-garde, Soviet new wave – and jazz. Taken as one, the concerts and video performances of ГШ become a single anthem to the paradoxical freedoms, spontaneity, and absurdity of Russian existence. A line is drawn towards pure abstraction: the familiar imagery is daily life is both deconstructed and turned inside out.

Glintshake are
Ekaterina Shilonosova
Yevgeni Gorbunov
Yegor Sargsyan
Alexey Yevlanov

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