See you Later, Alligator! Inge Bremnes (NO) // The Wooden Whales (RU)

See you Later Alligator

Arctic cocktails with live music from the stage at the edge of the swimming pool. We turn down the lights, light up the candles and invite you for chill-out session with Inge Bremnes from Kvæfjord and The Wooden Whales from Murmansk.  For children and adults.

Inge Bremnes is a young North Norwegian singer-songwriter from Kvæfjord in Troms. His personal style and distinctive voice, intertwined with inspiration from artists including Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, Sigur Rós and Ásgeir Trausti has impressed at concerts and on tours in both Norway and England.

The Wooden Whales shoegazer, dream-pop and psychedelic rock is melted into a stream of cosmic sounds by the Wooden Whales. A dense mix of guitar melody and contrasting compositions invites listeners into the depths of the bright female voice of the lead singer.

Inge Bremnes: Inge Bremnes – vocal, guitar; Øystein Myrvoll – keyboard, backing vocal; Eirik Hansen – guitar, backing vocal; 
Erlend Bredal Olsen – bass, backing vocal; Andreas Voie Juliebø – drums, percussions. 

The Wooden Whales: Svetlana Matveeva – vocal, keys, trumpet; Ekaterina Vitman – drums; Artem Korablev – bass; Timur Mizinov – guitar, trumpet. 

Spatial design: Taisia Anisimova (Murmansk) and Sunniva Nilssen (Tromsø).

Sunday 12/02/17

15:00 - 18:00
100 / 150 NOK

tickets at the door

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