The Guitar Pendulum

Four electric guitars hang suspended from the ceiling. Below each guitar you find a guitar amplifier. By letting the guitars pass over the amps back and forth in a pendulum motion, through feedback, you create a random composition of short tones in constant rhythmic displacement. As the pendulum motion becomes gradually smaller, the tones are getting longer and longer, until the point where the guitars come to a rest over the amplifiers and the tones are constant and form a cluster.

Soundscapes that are present in our environment are usually not organised or systematised, they are constantly changing. The Megaphonic Thrift has a fascination with exactly these movements, frictions and changes occurring around us. Losing control, letting it go can create new soundscapes where again one can grab the elements that stand out.

The first performance of about 5 min will be conducted by The Megaphonic Thrift, after that the audience is invited to visit the installation and interact with the pendulum.

Saturday 11/02/17 Sunday 12/02/17

12:30 - 16:00

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