Transborder Cafe: National Security – Labour Security – Data Security

Part 1

From Contact to Contract – The Risk and Reward of Betting on Russia.

Kjell Dragnes
, former editor of international affairs for Aftenposten.

Participants in the panel:
Atle Berge
, director for Ølen Betong Murmansk and alleged spy in Russia
Knut-Eirik Dybdal, director for Arctic Race of Norway who is aiming to extend the bicycle race to Russia
Sergey Shatunovskiy-Byurno, the Consul General of Russia in Kirkenes (tbc)

Language of the debate – English.

Part 2

Thriller-story – “Human Works as Human“

Modern machines with artificial intelligence are gradually replacing the human labor force and are required to undergo the same process of socialization as small children.  This process of teaching machines turns upside down the well-known case of the virtual psychologist ELIZA, an application where the human user is the patient.  Today, the human has become the doctor who solves the problems of neural networks of artificial intelligence and in the end, a human works as a human.

eeefff (Dzina Zhuk & Nikolay Spesivtsev)

Thursday 09/02/17

19:00 - 21:00
100 NOK

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